About Velopace Cycling Club

Velopace Cycling Club is a registered British Cycling Club and is affiliated with Cycling Time Trials (CTT), East Sussex Cycling Association (ESCA), Sussex Cyclists' Association (SCA) and Southern Counties Cycling Union (SCCU).

Velopace CC is a British Cycling Go-Ride club and new members can get the first year membership of British Cycling for FREE (Adult (parent of youth member) membership – Bronze, Youth membership – Silver). Be sure to choose the right option when joining, and we will notify BC.

There are also regular club rides which are listed on our Velopace Cycling Club Facebook group.

Join the conversation on our Velopace Cycling Club Facebook group.

Follow the Velopace Twitter feed too for the latest information on events and deals.

About Velopace Cycling Club

Since joining Velopace Cycling Club, I have met many new cycling friends

Brian Spoke, Pevensey